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Fig. 3. Schematic illustration and actual cone-beam computed tomographic image of the orthodontic miniplate (OMP) in the anterior mandible. A, The vertical distance from the cementoenamel junction to the center of the miniplate anchoring screw (MPAS) at position 1 (P1) (placement height, PH). B, Distance from the outer surface of the labial cortical bone to the tip of the MPASs at P1 (PD1) and P2 (PD2). C, The angle of the step-up bend on the OMP that was made by an orthodontist based on the soft- and hard-tissue anatomic features of the incision site (plate angle, PA). D, The angle made by the two tangents on the sagittal plane, with one from the most prominent midpoint of the chin and the other from the most prominent point on the labial root surface (mental fossa angle, MA).
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